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the manifesto

$BINGBONG is a meme token, you come here to bing, and to bong, but nothing else.

let's BING BONG.


subject to change from community feedback

who has ever delivered on a roadmap? we may do some surprises.

$BINGBONG tokenomics

1% surprises

3% marketing

1% team

55% LPs

40% initial liquidity

3% of total supply will be sent to a multisig wallet and be managed by community-led DAO for marketing. Each marketing expenditure the DAO makes will be shared on discord and twitter.

55% will be used to provide additional liquidity and LP staking incentives.

40% will be used to put up the initial liquidity pool.

1% is for surprises.


why does this exist?


who is the team?

the core team is made up developers and investors who have been active in the crypto ecosystem since 2017. we wanted to start a memecoin that can have a positive impact on the world.

i want to help!

join our discord! we strive to be transparent and responsive to our community.